Surat Terbuka untuk Mark Zuckerberg

Banyaknya penghapusan postingan dan pemblokiran di Facebook menimbulkan banyak pertanyaan.

Apakah Facebook sudah tidak bebas lagi untuk menyuarakan pendapat? Apakah Facebook hanya mengikuti kemauan pendirinya?

Banyak yang menyesalkan apa yang telah dilakukan oleh Facebook. Beberapa akun diblokir karena menyuarakan penolakan LGBT, seperti akun Tere Liye atau Jonru.

Mungkin keluhan bisa disampaikan melalui surat terbuka seperti yang diposting oleh akun Fanny Herdina.

**An Open Letter for Mark Zuckerberg

Good day Mark.

I imagine you wake up this morning smiling, give a light kiss to your wonderful wife and cute little baby.

Yes, I know you have family Mark. You're sooo famous, you know?

Oh. Where is my manner. Please be kindly introduced. My name is Fanny Herdina, you can always check who I am through your Facebook admin panel, I guess. But allow me to introduce myself a little bit further.

I'm from Indonesia, the country whose citizens use Facebook almost everyday. And yes, Jokowi is our president. You met him a while ago at your HQ with your simple grey shirt. I'm a mother of 2 kids, wonderful kids, and I love them as much as you loveyour baby. That's why I wrote you this letter, actually.
Because I love my kids.

By the way I'm a moslem. Yes. Hi again. And I wear scarf around my head and neck. And I'm not a terrorist. That you can check with my neighbour, friends or even my virtual friends. As you can see from my history in FB which I believe is such an easy thing to do for you, I believe you will know me as a normal wife with 2 kids you could easily meet everyday, if we happen to live at the same neighborhood.

Mark, I have one big question for you. Are you really a person that endorse freedom of speech? You must be, right? You're young, succesfull, been through a lot, live in America where people say freedom of speech is highly honored. No I have never been to America. I'd love to one day, of course after I visit other countries that has more Islamic history than your country.

Dear Mark. Few years ago when some extrimist who were extremely do not understand Islam tried to express their opinion on Islam through extreme art. You did say that it was a part of freedom of speech. Which at that time, I try to understand and I bought your idea a bit. See? As famous person, you influence people easily.

I told my moslem friends that may be we have to accept that as normal painfull facts today. Where people who don't understand about something, try tospeak up like an expert. Some of my friend agreed. We also thought our beloved prophet will never be less noble just because some of people say something bad about him. No. We, I still love and adore him so much. And I believe what they did makes us love him more.

Now my other big question Mark. If I disagree to some values you agree and I have guts to say it outloud. Will you be the Mark that will stand up for me in the name of freedom of speech? Will you Mark?

Because in the name of freedom of speech, people are allowed to have different perspectives, opinions to facilitate discussion, right? As long as the speech do not contain any hatred. Oh even with offensive contents you said few years ago, it should be something to respect.
Then why did all the post my friends post on FB get banned just because they disagree with homosexuality?
Is it because something you disagree? Is it because we have different stands with you?
Is freedom of speech you have been lecturing about these days means that it would only be freedom of speech as long as you agree on the matters? Is it?
Oh I thought you are much different with that kind of person that use modern jargon to legit your action. I thought you are the man of your words. And I still think you are.
In Islam, people are allowed to make mistakes. It's natural. But you need to say and feel sorry for it, andofcourse stop doing it. I really hope you are in a better condition now to assess the issu. Well, people get tired. And when they got tired they don't think correctly.

Maybe you need to take some rest. Then come back with the same spirit as you hav3 been lecturing us about space for discussion from people with different opinion, even when it feels a bit offensive.
Besides, you're the Mark we've been looking up to when it gets to young and smartly succesfull enterprenuer who stay humble on top of his empire. May be you get too tired and lost your genuine and noble perspective on this matter.

Please have some rest....
Your family needs you....
Then we'll talk again....
Oh one more big question. How many people need to report an account or page of posting to get your attention and come to your decision to ban them? Looking at the fact that you did not ban the account that have offensive content to Moslem but you did ban some account and many posting that (i think you feel) have offensive content to homosexuality, i imagine are there more report on homosexuality than on our prophet? How many report do you need to ban a content? You're the creator, you're the king, you set the rules, please help me to understand.

Fanny Herdina
A concern Indonesian moslem mother
*pardon my English, you could reply in Bahasa Indonesia if you'd like to try the feeling of writing emotional issues not on your mother language**
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